A user-friendly portal can make all the difference

Cloud Solution Providers face a tough challenge: offering both internal teams and customers a user-friendly portal which functions as it should. There are plenty of options to choose from but how to tell which one is best for you? It’s not always easy to ensure that current and future needs can be met by a single solution. Today we explore a few critical points for consideration.

Separation of Concerns

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a lifesaving feature. Assigning function-specific roles to individual users within the organisation helps to regulate and control access to portal capabilities. Specific functional groups (sales agents, customer care etc.) can work without risk of altering information in inappropriate areas of the system.

For example, you need to assign functions like customer creations and subscriptions to Sales Agents. Simultaneously your Activation Agents should access only provisioning functions. Your customer care team could gain read-only access to customer and subscription information but also be allowed to log support tickets internally. Effectively managing internal access reduces the risk of human error and fraud while increasing operational efficiency.

Functional BI Reporting

Another handy function in any system is having reports grouped per functional roles. Using the same RBAC principles, internal teams can access relevant reports. This means finance teams access financial reports and billing teams will access billing information only. Of course, if any need to change this arises, your system should allow for it to be done swiftly and without frustration.

Customer/Subscription History

For quality and security purposes, being able to access customer history is now crucial. This access lets you quickly identify departure points for support requests and provides valuable insight. If you understand the growth and changes in your customers’ needs, it’s easier to cross-sell and up-sell. Offer different products and services, build more effective bundles and further strengthen your customer relationships.

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