Billing Features

Converged billing

GlobillCSP lets you bill for Cloud products and services alongside non-Cloud offerings like Fiber and Internet services, VOIP and GSM. We’ve been helping service providers of all kinds for more than 10 years and if your vision is to conquer more than the Cloud or if you want to hang on tight to your success in other service categories, GlobillCSP is the catalyst you’ve been dreaming of.

Removing all barriers

Once you’re licensed to sell Microsoft Cloud products in a country, you can use GlobillCSP to connect in multiple languages and currencies. Create a ripple effect with your outstanding reputation of delivering beyond geographical limits with the power of our software.

Robust billing power

Apply test runs, offer hot bills to customers and post invoices without leaving GlobillCSP. Accurately bill Cloud and non-Cloud services together, using just 15 minutes for up to 25 000 subscribers, and never miss a cent that’s owed to your business.