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Introducing Your Communications

Your Communications is a South African service provider offering an impressive range of services from PBX and hosted telephony systems through to mobile voice, data, IT services, mobile device management and professional services. Holding more than five decades of experience in telecommunications, the Durban based firm prides itself on delivering for all of their customers’ connectivity needs. Embarzking on the ‘work smart’ principle, Your Communications entrusted Astel Systems to take their business to the next level since December 2017.


The Challenge

All eyes were locked on target at Your Communications. From the Directors to the Sales teams and even the Finance team – everyone was hungry to scale up and make a bigger impact on the world of telecommunications. Unfortunately, there were a few minor obstacles in the way.


Relying on Excel and other manual processes in their operation meant that ineffective time and resource management caused unnecessary delays, naturally hindering the team’s ability to profitably scale up. The sales channel Your Communications had worked so hard to build over the years was just short of reaching its full potential because there was no formal integrated method to communicate data between dealers or partners and the head office. Let’s not forget that offering as many solutions as Your Communications can also put a strain on internal resources like physical storage for all that paperwork or introduce risk of expanding staff counts too quickly in order to organise which bills for which services go to which customers on specific dates. If that sentence was a bit much to handle, think about the actual operation.


Your Communications needed more than a system. They needed a partner who could flex in all directions to help them maintain the focus they began their business with. Enter the team behind GlobillCSP: Astel Systems.


The Astel Magic

Moving the team at Your Communications off Excel and manual processing toward fully automated bliss was our first priority. Because GlobillCSP is so intelligent, the existing data owned by the client was swiftly transferred and accepted into its system. Like magic – the transition was complete. By switching across to a fully automated operational system and taking full advantage of the role-based access control capability, Your Communications were able to assign access to every team member for the tasks that mattered most to him/her respectively. Everyone could focus on what they did best without panicking over sending sensitive customer data to each other by email and ever-changing file versions.


Activating the sales channel and releasing the team’s full potential to generate revenue was the second piece of the puzzle. GlobillCSP incorporates a Dealer Management System which extends the core capabilities, enjoyed by our clients, through to their dealers and resellers, or in this case: partners. This elevates all arms of the business up to the same level, winning more customers through consistent messaging and service delivery – exactly what Your Communications are busy capitalising on right now.


With all of the finer details taken care of, the bigger picture received attention too. Offering VOIP, PBX, Fiber and a host of other services, Your Communications can service customers who have diverse and complex needs or evolve quickly. With Globill’s intelligent integration capabilities, it doesn’t matter how many services Your Communications ultimately offers – every customer of theirs receives a single clear, accurate bill on time, every time.


The Numbers

Because Your Communications went live only in the recent few months, we’d like to give them a little more time to let the magic settle in. Watch this space for those figures in the next few months.

What we can share in the interim is that 100% of the complexity around billing simultaneously for multiple technologies has been removed, so if you’d like to offer Cloud & non-Cloud products to really strike gold with your customers, it’s time you book a one-on-one with us and learn how to stand out from the crowd.

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