Provision Features

Activation and integration

Save time and escape the stress of working on multiple applications. GlobillCSP is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Partner Centre Portal (PCP) so every customer and subscriber you see and manage through our software will be visible and accessible in your PCP in real time. We bring you the advantage of working from a single pane of glass at all times, and the added benefit is that GlobillCSP helps you store customer information, unlike the PCP which limits your ability to provide the kind of customer service that’ll win you awards.

Service management

Bend over backwards for your customers without breaking a sweat. Migrate, upgrade or downgrade packages and/or services as and when needed; view activation status and initiate your cross- and up-sell initiatives with ease.

Subscription management

Update customer log-in details, enjoy subscription level data view and swap devices and/or subscriptions as your customers require. There’s no end to what you can achieve instantly with GlobillCSP.