Rate Features

Azure rating

Keep up with the ever-changing prices and tariffs thanks to GlobillCSP’s automated Azure rate updates. Accurately monetise consumption of Office365, Dynamics365 and more without leaving your work space in GlobillCSP.

Simplistic workflow

GlobillCSP remembers every bit of information you configure and automatically applies it for you, as you move your customers through their own stages of growth. Discounts, commissions, service and subscription changes or migrations, device connections and much more are all considered automatically so you never need to calculate these manually or using other systems.

CSP enablement

With value-added products like GlobillITMS, DMS and the Self-Service Portal, you’ll have everything you need to move forward in your journey as a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider. Whether you want to extend your GlobillCSP superpowers outward across your sales channel or show your clients transparency and give them a quick-access view of your service catalogue, empowering them to choose what works for them, GlobillCSP’s product suite has you covered from all angles.