Sell Features

Service catalogue

Harness the full power of GlobillCSP’s flexibility by configuring a service catalogue of products that address the specific needs of your customers at any stage of their relationship with you.

Commissions management

Drive sales higher than ever before by incentivising your staff, dealers and even resellers based on configurable fields that work for you.

Lead, quote & order management

Work smarter and avoid the costs of working harder. Swiftly move from lead to quote to order without recapturing customer details or losing important information.


Leverage the demand for Microsoft products to introduce your own range of products and/or services. GlobillCSP is so intelligent that it lets you bundle Cloud and non-Cloud services together, accentuating reasons why your customers should stay focused on you for all their business needs.


Configure discounts in a way that works for you and your customers. Attract and retain market share by adapting your discounts as and when needed.